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             Fiber Optics-Installing fiber optics in guitars has been around since the 70s.While installation of the fiber optics themselves generally goes smoothly, the real problem lies in the removal and reinstallation of the fretboard.  This is what stops most custom shops and people in the craft from having an interest in  these installations. Here at No Shadows Optics, we have removed and reinstalled dozens of fretboards to date, some with extremely ornate inlays.  Fatality Rate:  0 %.

You can rest assured that our experience and extraordinary record of success give us great confidence in performing this delicate, make-or-break procedure on every guitar we  upgrade,  including yours.    
Moreover, our designs are thoughtfully engineered. For example, our
fiber optics systems make use of readily available Radioshack® replacement electronics. We recognize Radioshack’s quality.  But just as importantly, we understand the realities of performers on the road.  Many of our instruments live on the road, with professional touring musicians. Whether you are a pro or a hobbyist, you will most likely have access to a local Radioshack, making it simple for you to acquire replacement parts for your No Shadows Fiber Optics Lighting System.









                                    Illuminated Inlay

  Aside from the illumination, our inlays are similar to pearl or pearloid inlays.  They are not stickers or glow-in-the-dark decals.  They are flush to the top of the fretboard and do not in any way change the “feel” of your guitar  neck.  They can also be combined with our  fiber optics to provide illuminated side dots, providing you and your audience with the ultimate illuminated performance experience!




Although there are no user-serviceable parts in No Shadows Optics

inlay installations, two different methods for powering the system are available – 

a 12v battery system and a remote, constant-power system that fits on your pedalboard.



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